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Strut Channel Nuts

What is a channel nut?

Channel nuts twist into position inside of strut channel to provide secure placement of fittings and other strut-attached hardware. They are made of carbon or stainless steel and have serrated indentations on two sides that fit underneath the down turned lips of the channel.  These serrated indentations bite into the channel to prevent slipping.  Once engaged with a bolt, channel nuts will rotate 90° and lock into place for alignment and secure positioning.

Channel nuts are offered with or without springs. Spring Nuts (Channel nuts with springs) act as a third thumb to hold the nut in place, allowing easier placement of strut-attached hardware. Springs are sized to match different depths of strut.

Channel nuts without springs are the best choice when using slotted channel, where springs could catch in the slots. Channel nuts can also be utilized in a pre-assembled fitting.  Pre-assembled fittings offer faster and easier installation. 

Channel nuts and spring nuts are offered in a variety of standard threaded sizes and can be utilized with standard bolts and threaded rods. 

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