Porce-A-Clamp™ replaces the standard porcelain and maple cable clamps.
Assembly consists of thermoplastic elastomer cushion with plated or stainless-steel clamp.
Both Plated steel and the 304 Stainless are both supplied with the Silicon Bronze bolt and nut.

Features Include:

• Non-Breakable Material
• Chemical and UV Resistant
• U. L. Listed – Burning stops within 10 seconds after two applications of ten seconds each of a flame to test a bar with no flaming drips.
• Tapered Flange to protect cable.
• Dielectric strength 640 volts per mil.
• One piece cushion design, available with Flame Retardant / Halogen Free cushions.
• Available in Plated Steel or 304 STAINLESS Steel clamps.
• Silicon Bronze Hardware used to “break-up the magnetic field around the cable at the clamping station