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Porce-A-Clamp™ replaces the standard porcelain and maple cable clamps.
Assembly consists of thermoplastic elastomer cushion with plated or stainless-steel clamp.
Both Plated steel and the 304 Stainless are both supplied with the Silicon Bronze bolt and nut.

Features Include:

• Non-Breakable Material
• Chemical and UV Resistant
• U. L. Listed – Burning stops within 10 seconds after two applications of ten seconds each of a flame to test a bar with no flaming drips.
• Tapered Flange to protect cable.
• Dielectric strength 640 volts per mil.
• One piece cushion design, available with Flame Retardant / Halogen Free cushions.
• Available in Plated Steel or 304 STAINLESS Steel clamps.
• Silicon Bronze Hardware used to “break-up the magnetic field around the cable at the clamping station

ASHRAE Insulation Recommendations:
ASHRAE Section 23.13-23.14 further states “when the goal is avoiding compression of low-compressive-strength insulation products, it is recommended to use high-strength insulation inserts made of a product that offers the desired compressive strength and other necessary performance properties. Other higher-strength materials that are not thermal insulation material and interrupt the insulation envelope, or do not allow complete sealing of an insulation system against water vapor ingress are not recommended for supporting insulated piping on pipe hangers. Note that wood blocks have poor thermal conductivity and are not recommended, especially for cold pipe systems.” Insulated cold piping should receive special attention when exposed to ambient or unconditioned air. The Cush-A-Therm is a product that seals out air, and insulates the pipe/tube from the supporting clamp, and is therefore in compliance with the 2013 ASHRAE insulation recommendations.