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The Cush-A-Nator® cushion is manufactured in the United States and made from a new incredible durable thermoplastic rubber that resists high heat and provides longer life against vibration fatigue. The Cush-A-Nator® is made from a proprietary thermoplastic vulcanized material cross-linked with high performance rubber and temperature range in the industry.

Features Include:

Thumb Drive - provides the installer a gripping point to easily open the cushion with the help of leverage tabs and a living hinge. Easy and effortless to retrofit or install.
Self-Alignment - can be opened and placed over the pipe or tube and rotated into place while on the channel and automatically aligned with the channel opening ready for clamping.
Pressure Control - has a built-in squeeze control as part of the cushion design. The side opening and the squeeze control tab provides evenly distributed pressure around the tube or pipe.
Complete Clamping Unit – provides the only strut mounted cushion that is mechanically connected to the supporting steel clamp because the bolt passes through the squeeze control tab forming the single unit connection. This design helps prevent the cushion from excess vibration by being attached directly to the clamp.